“I really like the school in brazil”

Let’s know Nicolas and his crazy opinion!

Nicolás Rochel Teixeira, is a student at Escola Goar of Viladecans. He is Brazilian because he was born there but when he was very little she had to go to Viladecans for the work of his father. Now he is new and we prepare some questions to know what does he think about the school.

Hello Nicolás, com how do you feel?

Hi, i’m fine.

Why did you come to this school?

I came here because the education at my previous school was bad and had poor security.

Which was the school you went to before?

Last year I went to Teide school.

Have you ever changed to other school?

At the age of 5 i was in Brazil and because of my father’s work i had to come to Viladecans and they signed me up for the Teide.

Which school did you like more?

The school of Brazil. Because it was much older, the teachers were better, very good material…

Are you planning to go to the 2nd year of high school at this school?

Probably yes, although i’m not sure, but i’d like to.

Did you have family in the school?

No, i don’t have it.

Do you think this school has good timetables?

Yes there are good times, but we start very early.

Did you like the subjects?

Yes, they are very good compared to those of the other school i was at.

Did you enjoy the playgrounds?

Yes, but i think they should put in more time to rest.

Do you do any extracurriculars at school?

No, but i do play there outside of school, i play football in the Viladecans team.

What do you do with your free time?

I watch TV and sometimes i’m on the computer.

How many hours do you study?

I don’t usually study but when i do, i’m there for about 20 minutes.

Nicolas (right), with Aitor (left)