Photo Report: The gym of our school

We don’t have a gym, but in the past we had one. Now it is the music room and has a lot of instruments like xylophones, flutes and drums. There is also some primary school students festival material.


We have a small room with sport equipment with balls, hockey sticks, mats, volleyball nets, rackets, bats, dumbbells, cones, hoops and dock. This place is very badly kept, the walls are destroyed, it is a very small place, it smells very badly, there is not much light and the floor is trampled cement, it is annoying when you step on it.

We have three playgrounds, the small, the middle and the big one.

There are three playgrounds at the school. The first one is the playground that is at the top and it is the biggest. There are baskets, goals and some tables. Usually the teachers use the big playground to do the classes of P.E

The second playground is a little bit smaller, but there is a ping pong table and a water source.

And the third playground is like the first playground but much smaller.

Victor (an ESO P.E teacher) says: ”We started in the first term combining an hour of fitness with an hour of sports with games so that the students do not find it too hard’. 

Victor, teacher of P.E and Gorka, teacher of after-school sports.
Victor, teacher of P.E and Gorka, teacher of after-school sports.

And here is some other information about the after-school sports that Gorka, the teacher, gave us: ”We do dance, basketball, football and rhythm. It is done from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. It has a training structure. First they usually play games and later they start training’’.